Rêve O Kite Bretagne Votre Ecole de Kitesurf Finistere et de Wing Foil de la région de Brest

Presentation of the Finistere Rêve O Kite Brittany Wing Foil WingSurf School in the area of Brest – Landeda-Lampaul-Ploudalmezeau-Sainte-Marguerite-Treompan-Trois-moutons-Coulouarn (29)




Presentation of the WingFoil WingSurf School Finistère Rêve O Kite




Rêve O Kite Your Wing Foil School in Brittany in the Brest region (29).

Learn the WingFoil WingSurf on the most beautiful sites of Finistère
in a single, safe environment.

3 sheep beach / Treompan /Coulouarn – Lampaul Ploudalmézeau and Sainte Marguerite beach – Landeda Learn about the most beautiful beaches

The Finistere RêveOKite Wing Foil School is located a few meters from one of the two main practice sites selected by the School for your learning to wing in complete safety: The 3 sheep beach in the municipality of Lampaul Ploudalmézeau.

The WingFoil Rêve O Kite School moves to the 2 main sites of the school depending on the direction of the wind: either Treompan Beach / Trois Moutons / Coulouarn – Lampaul Ploudalmézeau or Sainte Marguerite Beach – Landeda – Aber Wrach .

Benefit from easy learning in a unique setting preserved and protected by Natura 2000.

Radio link with the Monitor

Wing Foil School affiliated to the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL)

Semi-private WingFoil WingSurf lesson 2 people Max or Wing Foil Wing Surf private lesson

Youth and Sports Establishment of the Ministry

Wing Foil  Wing Surf School

The Rêve O Kite Bretagne Wing Foil School is based in northern Finistère near Brest (29).

The School selects for you, according to the conditions, according to the stages of progression, the best spot / beach / Wingfoil practice site in the Pays de Brest to put you in the best learning conditions at each session.

As each person is unique, RêveOKite individualizes the sessions for the success of all.

Each pupil of the Rêve O Kite School is permanently connected to the instructor by radio link.

For the sake of quality, Wing Foil lessons at Rêve O Kite are either semi-private WingFoil lessons/stage(s), the number of students per session is limited to a maximum of 2 students, or private Wing Foil lessons/stage(s). private (1 person)

The School is affiliated with the French Federation of Free Flight guaranteeing quality education and services.

The School is approved as a Youth and Sports Establishment of the Ministry.

The WingFoil equipment

The Wing Foil equipment used by the School of WingFoil Bretagne Rêve O Kite is equipment adapted to the teaching renewed regularly. You will benefit from generous liter boards as well as carrying foils to help you throughout your learning process.

RêveOKite selects the best products to facilitate your learning in complete safety.

The monitor

Passionate about sliding sports, Johann, State Graduate of the Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport (BPJEPS) Mention “aerotracted slides” will be your Instructor.

Passionate, patient, adapting to everyone, having the desire to share this passion to pass it on to you in a good mood, Johann will know how to find the keys allowing you to progress in WingFoil at each stage and this in complete safety.


The equipment of the Structure benefits from the latest technologies in terms of construction and safety.

Through your Wing Foil Rêve O Kite course/course, you will learn all the essential concepts for independent practice: safety, equipment, weather, choice of practice site, learning, etc.


Many lodgings, houses, studios and camping  are available a few meters from the School allowing you to spend a pleasant stay in the region. (To be found in the Accommodation section)

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