Rêve O Kite Bretagne Votre Ecole de Kitesurf Finistere et de Wing Foil de la région de Brest

Lessons /Courses/ Internship Kitesurf of the French Brittany Kitesurfing School Rêve O Kite, Region Brest (France-Finistere)


The differents Kitesurfing Lessons / Courses / Internship of the Kitesurf School Reve O Kite



The service proposed

The Kitesurfing School ReveOKite  has  differents Lessons (s) / Course (s) / Internship (s) for beginner / intermediate and advanced riders.

All the courses are given out of not very deep water (+/- 1m).

Each beach has big spaces for the practice in full safety.

Each trainee has a radio contact with the monitor.

The ReveOKite Kitesurf School provides harness, waistcoats, helmets. You just need to have your wetsuit.

You will benefit from the last technical projections in term of construction and security with equipment Duotone  Kiteboarding to facilitate your progression.

An original gift idea


Warning ! For people coming for holidays, all the courses in group are in French language, only semi private Wingfoil course(2 persons) if you are 2 persons or private Kitesurf (1 person) course could be in english language

Prerequisites for booking:

- be available over a period of minimum 1 week to be able to hope to have wind to make your sessions and carry out your project

- no time constraints, be easily available from morning to evening, be very flexible, scheduled session according to conditions very little time in advance

-you need to have your own wetsuit


Private Education


Private Course Initiation or Consolidation or Initiation Foil


Procedure: 1 session of 2h30.

You want to follow a session of Initiation or Consolidation of Kitesurfing, Initiation or Consolidation of Wing Foil or Initiation Kite Foil ** in private-individual lesson allowing you to benefit from personalized coaching at all your stages of progress and this in complete safety.

This formula is made for you. You will have a private kitesurfing coach just for you.

*course available by appointment

** minimum required for Kite Foil initiation: be autonomous in Kitesurfing

Private-Individual Kitesurfing Lesson Initiation or Consolidation 220€



Group Teaching


Beginner 1 Day Course


One 3 hours session

Kitesurfing tempt you but you do not know if this is for you.

This lesson is for you.

Beginner 1 Day Course will give you the foundations and feelings of kite safely.

Beginner 1 Day Course 130€


Beginner 3-4-5 Days Course


3-4-5 x 3 hours session

Your goal is the waterstart

This Course is for you.

This Formula will take you from learning to pilot the kite to the first waterstart with the board and it safely.

Beginner 3 Days Course 330€

Beginner 4 Days Course 430€

Beginner 5 Days Course 530€


Intermediate 1 Day Course


One 3 hours session

You have already follow kitesurfing course.

Your waterstart could be better

This Lesson is to consolidate your skills.

Intermediate 1 Day Course 130€


Intermediate 3-4-5 Days Course


3-4-5 x 3 hours session.

You have already follow kitesurfing courses.

You want to become an independent kitesurf man/woman.

This formula is for you.

This formula fits your current level to bring you to autonomy.

Intermediate 3 Days Course 330€

Intermediate 4 Days Course 430€

Intermediate 5 Days Course 530€


Supervised navigation


One 3 hours session.

You have upwind abilities in all types of wind and know how to recover your board without any worries .

This formula is for you.

Supervised navigation 100 €


Learn on the most beautiful beaches of Finistere in full security with Reve O Kite, Your Brittany Kitesurfing School of the area of Brest.